. K E L I N I . Haute Couture


. K E L I N I . Haute Couture Coming in May 2014

Dear Friends ,

After over 6 months of hard work for the Creation 3d

I decided to leave aside the world of modeling

and dedicate myself to creating 3d mesh to create and open my brand in Second Life,

all that buys full perm mesh on the market place but it is seen again and again …
so I wanted to create my personal model

this is why I work and took courses in 3d to realize that I wanted ,

Now a little more work and . K E L I N I . shall open its doors in May 2014.

Thank you to my friends for always being there for me despite my choice

Flo my love , Magissa , My Cc pie ( cottoncandy )  Mami , Ponchituti , Reign , Frolito ,

all my MV♛ Sisters  and more…
the world of modeling will always remain engraved in my heart ,

this is not the end of something but just the beginning.

Thank you all for your support , Love you ♥ Forever and Ever…

EvaKelini Resident

   . K E L I N I . Owner & Creator



. K E L I N I . Haute couture Coming in May 2014…


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