” The Truth”

Many of you will say “Omg Eva is still starting a drama again “,but you do not know what happens to me from longtime on second life and the harassment I have , I suffered day after day always for the same reasons “you are the alt of … ” So if I have to be accused every day to be such and such a person, so no longer hidden and tell the truth about why people have doubts about me .

With Eva I have no drama, some little story like everyone else it’s true but all the dramas happening to me are for a single reason, always “you are the alt of … “, so I will lift the veils of my past and I tell you everything about ” My alt ” and her story ,  great revelations are coming, that can help myself to be free and to forget my past mistakes …

I think everyone have the right  for a second chance , right?

“EVA THE REVELATION” All the story of my second life … Coming soon



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